Gregory A. Pinnell, M.D.

Dr. Pinnell is founder and flight surgeon for Air Docs. A board certified primary care physician working in an academic multi-specialty care center in Saginaw, Michigan, he is also an adjunct professor at Western Michigan University College of Aviation. He serves as a senior flight surgeon for the USAFR, and a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association's Aeromedical Advisory Council.

A licensed private/instrument pilot, he has a rich background in medicine including working as an emergency room physician, medical examiner, and paramedic.

Marshall Brown, M.D.

Dr. Brown is senior aviation medical examiner for Air Docs. A board certified otolaryngologist/head and neck surgeon in Saginaw, Michigan, he is a private pilot with instrument, multi-engine, and tail dragger ratings. He currently flies a Maule M7 and is an advocate for general aviation.

Dr William L. Bray

Dr William L. Bray has been a designated AME since 2000, performing Class 2 and Class3 exams. He is double boarded by the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners. He is an Air Force Reserve flight surgeon and currently serves as the Chief of Aerospace Medicine for the 434th ARW, Grissom ARB, IN. He has over 600 military and 50 civilian flying hours, including over 200 hours in fighter aircraft. He is a certified medical review officer and holds a Certificate in Travel Health from the International Society of Travel Medicine.

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